Terres de ROA



Claudine, Luc and Loren Tisserand

Type of agriculture

Organic, with use of biodynamic principles

Vineyard area

18,5 ha

Bottles produced 


Country, Region, Subregion

France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Monetay-sur-Allier


Loren Tisserand was introduced to us by Vincent Alexis (Château Barouillet) at the Biotop wine fair in Montpellier last January. We were quite intrigued as we were neither familiar with wines from the Saint-Pourçain region before, nor the Tressalier grape variety. We obviously liked the wines and now here we are!

The vineyard of Terres de ROA extends over 18.5 hectares spread over the communes of Monétay sur Allier (sandy soils) and Breuilly Cesset (granitic soils). It is run by Lauren and her parents Claudine and Luc Tisserand.They work with four grape varieties: Chardonnay, Gamay and Pinot Noir, which are common in this region of the Loire Valley - and the Tressallier grape variety, which is grown only in Saint-Pourçain. 

The vineyard is farmed organically in respect of the soils and the nature. Tillage or controlled grassing alternates between rows of vines in order to enrich microbiological life, promote biodiversity and aerate the soil. A fertilizing vegetable compost is also put in place. It is the only Domaine in the Saint-Pourçain AOC Appellation in Organic Agriculture certified by Ecocert in 2009.

Their philosophy: just let nature take its place.

A Chat with Loren Tisserand:

What have you been up to before you have joined your parents' business?

My parents created the domaine in 2006 and I joined in 2015. Before that I lived in Paris and worked at Fauchon, a luxury grocery store. I then studied in Beaune, Burgundy, where I met my husband who has just started a new job there. I then decided to join my parents' business. 

What are your responsibilities?

I work in the vineyard, cellar as well as the shop.

What do you like most/least about your job?

I like everything except the fact that I don't have enough time. It should get easier next year when we will downsize from 18 to 11 hectares, as our lease will expire.

 What does the name ROA stand for?

Raisins (Grapes) – Organics – Attitude 

 Tell us about your 2018 harvest: What were your challenges? What went particularly well? 

The year was way too hot and dry. Like for many other winemakers, during the vinification the fermentation was complicated due to a lack of energy in the juice. But, in the end, I can say we've had a great result both quality and quantity-wise.

Who creates the wine labels and what is their meaning?

My mother usually designs the labels but I have created the ones for Dans l'Absolu and Dans ma Sph'R. Both mean translated something like being in your own sphere, being whole. The label is a nod to my own childhood as I was often in a world of my own as a little girl.

Are there any new winemaking techniques or tools you'd like to experiment with?

I started to work with plants and I want to progress with this. I especially like working with nettles.

Which wines do you enjoy drinking besides your own?

I enjoy Malbec wines from Cahors, South West of France.