2017 Landwein - Pinot Blanc Pur

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Pinot Blanc.png

2017 Landwein - Pinot Blanc Pur


A touch of pip fruits, firestone, yeast dough, brioche and nuts. Salty, juicy and mineral in taste.

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Cuvée: Pinot Blanc Pur

Style: Still

Colour: White

Grapes/Blend: Pinot Blanc

ABV: 11.5%

Vintage: 2017

"Mashing: mash time 12 hours

Fermentation: Wild yeasts, fermented in 1000l wooden barrels

SO2: no added sulfites

MISC: Unfiltered

Bottling: May 2018

Vine cultivation: Trellis-system, organic viticulture, 30-40-year-old vines

Vintage details: very dry and very hot year

Harvest: manual harvesting"

Sulphur: none added

Soil: Loess, loam with a lot of shell limestone

Yield: 35hl/ha