2011 AOC Anjou Village Brissac ‘Roca Nigra’


2011 AOC Anjou Village Brissac ‘Roca Nigra’

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Cuvée: Rocca Nigra Anjou-Villages Brissac AOC

Style: Still

Colour: Red


Vintage: 2011

Winemaking techniques: Rocca Nigra is a red wine made from grapes harvested very ripe. Maturity is controlled several times a week in order to achieve complete phenolic maturity. The destemmed harvest undergoes a long maceration (40 to 50 days), but delicacy is preferred to the violent extraction. At the beginning: several pump-ups, shedding and brewing are carried out then the marc is totally immersed. We prefer softness and time.

Ageing: It is after an aging of 18 months and a collage with the white of fresh egg (glue of the fine red wines) that is done the bottling. The guard of this wine is 8 to 15 years in general.

Sulphur additions: 


Soil: It comes from the Clos des Collinets, the Goupil, the Guenneries and the Cormier. These well-exposed rocky slopes of aristocratic schists and Armorican sandstones of the primary era (Ordovician and Silurian) require a grape variety that supports a reduced water supply: Cabernet Sauvignon. The roots of the plant are forced to descend deep into the schist faults to draw their food.

Grape Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon

Yield: 35hl/ha