2016 V & S Silvaner


2016 V & S Silvaner


Hand selected Sylvaner grapes. Bottled with a small addition of sulfur. A wine with the 2Naturkinder ethos made to appeal to their more traditional customers.

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Cuvée: V & S Silvaner

Style: Still

Colour: White

ABV: 12%

Vintage: 2016

Winemaking techniques: Also from Hermann. Grapes were destemmed, macerated over night, pressed, off to the tank, no racking. K300 filtered

Ageing: Steel tank

Sulfur additions: 25-30mg/l SO2 on bottling

Climate: The climate of our region is stamped by the river Main and the surrounding mountains, which makes us live and work in kind of a big caldera. While the river contributes to having rather mild temperatures the mountains tend to hold back the clouds so it’s rather dry here. Nonetheless we do have to deal with extreme weather events: frost (particularly scary around bud break) and heat (up to 40°C)

Soil: Shell limestone

Grape Varieties: Silvaner 100%

Yield: about 75hl/ha