2015 VDF ‘Clin d'Oeil´


2015 VDF ‘Clin d'Oeil´


From 100-year-old vines of the indigenous Oeillade grape, which is similar to Cinsault. Large bunches with large juice-filled grapes. A bright, wild wine full of life. The name is a play on words and means "a charming wink"

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Cuvée: VDF ‘Clin d'Oeil´

Style: Still

Colour: Red

Grape Varieties: Oeillade 

ABV: 12%

Vintage: 2015

Hand harvested from 110-year-old vines. Laurent started working the parcel in 2011, re-training the vines to goblet from palisade and converted it to organic. Indigenous yeast, 2 weeks semi-carbonic maceration with whole bunch, without oenological input. Aged 7 months in enamelled steel tank and then further ageing in bottles

Sulphur: None added

Soil: Sandstone pebbles, mollusc shells and 50cm of clay with a limestone subsoil which brings freshness to the wine. 

Climate: The temperature difference between day and night (15-35 degrees), plus cold air from the Cevennes mountains also helps to keep the wine fresh. Winds, including the Mistral, help cool the vines. The sea is 40-50km away, adding salinity.

Yield: 45hl /ha