2015 VDF Les Chants Jumeaux


2015 VDF Les Chants Jumeaux


It is surprising that we sell any of this rather than keeping it to drink ourselves, Chenin Blanc on Muscadet soils, it’s salty, bright and moreish

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Cuvée: 2015 VDF Les Chants Jumeaux

Style: Still

Colour: White

Grape Varieties: Chenin Blanc

ABV: 11%

Vintage: 2015

Manual harvest, natural yeast. Slow pressing (12 hours, overnight), fermentation in fibreglass. Aged 6-8 months fibreglass. 

Sulphur: 20mg/L on bottling

Soil: Conglomérat d'Ingrandes

Yield: 7.5hl/ha