2016 VDF - La Mule


2016 VDF - La Mule

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Cuvée: VDF - La Mule

Style: Still

Colour: Red

Grape Varieties: Gamay

ABV: 12.5%

Vintage: 2016

Vines are 30-35 years old. Manual harvest. Maceration of 2 to 3 weeks in concrete vats. Indigenous yeasts. No sulphur added during production. Maceration at room temperature. Draining juice every 2 days. No pigeage/remontage. Slow horizontal press. No fining, filtration. 2 grams of SO2 when bottling depending on the year.

Sulphur: 20 mg/l added on bottling

Climate: West/east exposure at 55 metres above sea level. Temperate oceanic climate gradient. Temperatures are never extreme, (neither very hot nor very cold). Mild, rainy winters and cool summers and relatively wet.

Soil: Clay and limestone. Fat and dense soils, Soil mechanically worked with discs and blade hoes.

Yield: 35hl/ha