2016 VDF - Coup de Canon


2016 VDF - Coup de Canon


Crunchy blueberry and bramble, ‘glou-glou’ wine!

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Cuvée: VDF - Coup de Canon

Style: Still

Grape Varieties: Grolleau

Colour: Red

ABV: 12.5%

Vintage: 2016

Vines are 70 years old. Hand harvest. Maceration of 2-3 weeks in concrete vats at room temperature, draining juice every four to five days. No pigeage/remontage. Slow horizontal press. No fining or filtration and no added sulphur.

Climate: North/South exposed at 55 metres above sea level. Temperate oceanic, climate gradient. Temperatures are neither very hot nor very cold. Mild, rainy winters and cool, relatively wet summers.

Sulphur: 2g/l on bottling

Soil: Clay and flint. Light and stony soil.

Soil mechanically worked (décavailloneuse, discs and blade hoes), and treatment with sulphur and copper and horsetail 7-12 times per year

Yield: 40hl/ha