2016 Kleine Wanderlust

Kleine Wanderlust 2016.png
Kleine Wanderlust 2016.png

2016 Kleine Wanderlust


From two hugely unfashionable hybrid/crossed varieties they have managed to make some bright and juicy semi-carbo goodness.

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Cuvée: Kleine Wunderlust

Style: Still

Colour: Red

ABV: 12%

Grape Varieties: 85% Regent, 15% Domina

Vintage: 2016

The Regent vines grow in Sulzfeld (just a few kilometres away from the winery) on shell limestone. Aiming for ripe but not “bursting” grapes, destemmed but the berries not crushed to get a bit of a carbonic effect. After a week the must was pressed and the juice kept fermenting in steel. The wine was racked once around Christmas and blended before bottling with 15% of  Domina we had kept from 2015. Harvested in September 2016 and bottled in July 2017.

Acid: 5.6 g/L Residual sugar: 0.0 g/L

Sulphur: None added, 7mg/l total

Soil: Shell limestone, Keuper

Yield: 40hl/ha