2016 Silvaner Pet-Nat


2016 Silvaner Pet-Nat


The first vintage of this undisgorged Silvaner Pet-Nat. A mineral, well aging Pétillant with some of the lees and tartaric acid in the bottle. Zero sulfur added.

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Cuvee: Silvaner Pet-Nat

Style: Sparkling

Grape Varieties: Silvaner

Colour: White(ish)

ABV: 11%

Vintage: 2016

Winemaking: The shell-limestone soil has a fat, fertile clay layer letting the vines grow extraordinarily strong. So strong that the vines are very tricky to manage. Besides the Bacchus and the Heimat Silvaner vineyard this is the most work-intense one so the yield has its price. The grapes were destemmed, and pressed over night. The juice sedimented over night too and was then fermented in the tank. It was bottled with a little less than 10 g/l residual sugar.

Acid: 5.1 g/L

Sulfur: None added, total 4mg/L

Soil: The shell-limestone soil has a fat, fertile clay layer. The vines are very strong, and therefore very tricky to manage.

Yield: 72hl/ha