2016 Silvaner Pet-Nat


2016 Silvaner Pet-Nat


Lightly sparkling, cloudy with tingling acidity. Fun!

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Cuvee: Silvaner Pet-Nat

Style: Sparkling

Grape Varieties: Silvaner

Colour: White(ish)

ABV: 11%

Vintage: 2016

This vineyard has been farmed organically for two years. The grapes were harvested on September 26, de-stemmed and pressed overnight. The juice was then fermented in tank.  It was bottled with a little less than 10g/L residual sugar and has ended up with 0g/L in most bottles. Not disgorged. Aged 6 months in bottle.

Acid: 5.1 g/L

Sulphur: None added, total 4mg/L

Soil: The shell-limestone soil has a fat, fertile clay layer. The vines are very strong, and therefore very tricky to manage.

Yield: 72hl/ha