2017 VDF ‘L’ (Carignan)

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2017 VDF ‘L’ (Carignan)


An 80-year-old Carignan vine that Laurent has re-trained to the traditional goblet. Rustic and earthy.

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Cuvée: VDF ‘L’ (Carignan)

Style: Still

Colour: Red

Grape Varieties: Carignan

ABV: 13%

Vintage: 2017

Sulphur: None added

Climate: The temperature difference between day and night (15-35 degrees), plus cold air from the Cevennes mountains also helps to keep the wine fresh. Winds, including the Mistral, help cool the vines. The sea is 40-50km away, adding salinity.

Soil: Sandstones, "shimmering" limestone and mollusc shells

Yield: 45hl /ha