2017 AOC Alsace - Pinot Noir Nature

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Pinot Noir17.png

2017 AOC Alsace - Pinot Noir Nature


Raw, crunchy, herbal. Raw berries, blackberry and plum. Playful tannins. Lightly funky, slightly game-y finish.

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Cuvée: Pinot Noir Nature

Style: Still

Colour: Red

Grapes/Blend: Pinot Noir

ABV: 12%

Vintage: 2017

Destemmed by only gentle punching down until the end of the fermentation. Maceration of 4-5 weeks. Then aging in a stainless steel tank until bottling. No filtration.

Sulphur: None added, 10mg/L total

Soil: schist and pink sandstone

Yield: 30hl/ha