2017 Coteaux d’Ancenis ‘Cuvée Noé’


2017 Coteaux d’Ancenis ‘Cuvée Noé’


The grapes of Noe are harvested from the lower part of the plot where the soil is deeper, the vines have more vigour, more freshness and juiciness

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Cuvee: Noe

Style: Still

Grape Varieties: Gamay

Colour: Rose


Vintage: 2017

De-stemmed and crushed, with pumping over keep the top wet when fermentation begins. It’s with skins until end of fermentation (20-ish days). The vines have been organic for 25 years – they and the yeast are healthy so fermentation is short. All wine on full lees for the winter. 


Sulphur: None added

Soil: Deep clay-ish, sand and limon topsoil, with micro granite subsoil

Yield: 35 hl/ha