2017 VDF - Samplemousse

rosé samplemousse.jpg
rosé samplemousse.jpg

2017 VDF - Samplemousse


A full and exciting Rosé with structure, fruit notes and a balanced acidity. This grapefruit flavour comes from the parcel's granite soil.

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Cuvée: VDF - Samplemousse

Style: Still

Grape Varieties: Gamay

Colour: Rosé

ABV: 14%

Vintage: 2017

Hand harvested, Cold maceration for four hours, fermentation in cellar in fibreglass for two to three weeks. Blended with wine from 2016. On lees until bottling (end of April)

Sulphur: 20mg/l on bottling

Soil: Micro granite

Yield: 30 hl/ha