2015 VDF Pet Nat ‘Taraf’

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2015 VDF Pet Nat ‘Taraf’


A rich and fairly serious sparkling Gamay. From the same juice as the Tocade rose

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Cuvee: VDF Pet Nat ‘Taraf’

Style: Sparkling

Grape Varieties: Gamay

Colour: Rose


Vintage: 2015

This is a saignée of cuvée Noe. Mid-fermentation (when the yeasts are the most active and numerous), the tank is transported to a cold room. The tank is withdrawn when the temperature reaches 6°C. The juice is clarified by precipitation, and then bottled with 18g of residual sugar. Six-month maturing on slats at a constant temperature. Disgorged. 20 year old vines


Sulphur: 20mg/l on bottling

Soil: Deep clay-ish, sand and limon topsoil with micro granite sub-soil