One night in Deptford

A Tasting Chez John

The 3rd instalment of a series of tastings collaborating with other like minded wine importers.

The idea is that the tasting is open to everyone; wine trade, enthusiasts and even some that just wandered in straight off the street. Coming together with other importers like this is a great way to taste other importers discoveries and share ideas. The spirit between us feels very much collaborative and not competitive. It is clearly part of what a wine importer's role involves, not just working with the initiated in the trade but helping to open more people's eyes to what wine can be when it's not mass-produced.

Hopefully holding tastings like this is a less intimidating environment than large scale wine fairs, with seven importers showing around 9-10 wines each per table; a solid selection was still on show. France dominated for sure, with the rest being made up of Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Slovakia, Australia and Chile.

Make it rain!! John serves up

Make it rain!! John serves up

The day commenced with John (Winemakers Club) popping a bottle of champagne for breakfast and Fernando (Otros Vinos)  rolling in having had only a few hours sleep.  

Across all the tables there was a theme of  "clean" wines made naturally, with the odd hint of wild funk here and there. There was a bit of time before anyone came through the door so we had a chance to taste across the room. Highlights were:

Unfortunately, we missed tasting Tom from Vinnaturo's wine

After the tasting anyone that was still standing was invited to stay for some food.  John very kindly had spent three days making a rich pot of ragu, this turned up in the form of  a lasagne, accompanied with a side dish of eight bream - why not? All washed down with the highlights of the day's tasting... plus a few "special" bottles.

There is  plan to repeat a tasting like this somewhere East come the Autumn, we are looking for a venue so if you have any ideas please do drop us a line.